Trump Demands That The Justice Department Back Him In Overturning The Election

On Monday, Trump told a tea party conference that he knows he won in a landslide and wants the Justice Department to back him in overturning the election.

Trump is quoted as saying:

On a related note, Sidney Powell was at the White House for the third time in four days:

The sane people including swing state Republicans and the entire judicial system have all told Trump that he lost, so the president, for now, has turned to a group of crackpots and conspiracy theorists like Rudy Giuliani, Mike Flynn, and Sidney Powell who are feeding his crazy schemes where he can stay in power.

Trump pushed William Barr out because the attorney general wouldn’t go along with his election conspiracies, and he has replaced any other sane voice in his orbit with a chorus of crazy.

White House officials are worried. They want nothing to do with Sidney Powell. Trump’s comments about needing the DOJ to back him in overturning the election provide a big clue to where this situation might be going.

Trump is going to try to use the federal government to overturn the election.

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