CNN’s Berman: It’s a Good Day to Be a “Corrupt Republican Congressman”

Donald Trump is slowly coming to the realization that he will not be the president come February. He will only retain the power of the White House for the next couple of weeks.

And he certainly exercised that power on Tuesday night. Trump not only pardoned war criminals, he also gave former GOP lawmakers a free pass. Ex Congressman Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins were given a reprieve by the president.

While filling in for Anderson Cooper on Tuesday night, John Berman said that is a good time to be a crooked Republican.

“It is a good night to be a corrupt Republican congressman, or a confessed liar from the Russia probe, or a convicted murderer of Iraqi civilians,” Berman began. “With 29 days left in office, the president issued a first big wave of what could be a tsunami of pardons. It includes former Republican lawmakers and four military contractors involved in a massacre of civilians in Iraq.”

The CNN host continued, “That’s also a common thread among some of the high-profile pardons on this list that many of them were heroes by right-wing media in many of these cases. We know the president is unorthodox in the way he’s gone about pardons. He’s watched Fox News and other outlets to get an idea of who he can pardon and along with Rudy Giuliani and others.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN: