Trump Blew A Gasket In The Oval Office After Being Told States Won’t Overturn The Election


Trump is trying to get state legislatures to rescind their electoral college votes. When he was told no, he blew up in the Oval Office.

Axios reported:

Trump has even been asking advisers whether they can get state legislatures to rescind their electoral votes. When he’s told no, he lashes out even more, said a source who discussed the matter with the president.

And in an Oval meeting Monday night, Trump spoke with House Republicans about voting to overturn the result on Jan. 6 — a desperate vote that even Trump has privately acknowledged he’s bound to lose.

A man who has spent his entire adult life cheating the system is confronted with having the most powerful job in the world and running into the limits of that power.


It a fitting bit of purgatory for Trump. The more he tries to cheat, the greater the resistance, which only fuels his rage at being unable to do what he has always done.

Donald Trump thought that he could cheat his way out of defeat, but instead, he has spent nearly two months perpetuating the biggest election loss in US history, as Trump just keeps losing at every turn.

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