Trump Bet Almost All Of His Cable Ad Budget On Fox And Joe Biden Smoked Him Like A Chump

Trump spent nearly $22 million advertising on Fox News during the election compared to $700,000 on MSNBC and he lost.

Forbes reported:

Donald Trump’s reelection campaign was the top 2020 political advertiser on Fox News, spending nearly $22 million, almost ten times the $2.65 million it shelled out for CNN TV commercials and more than 3,000 percent higher than its $708,334 in MSNBC ad purchases, according to AdImpact.


Democrat Joe Biden’s campaign spent $7.4 million on Fox News, second only to the Trump campaign. Biden for President was CNN’s top political advertiser, buying $7.3 million worth of spots and spent $71,400 on MSNBC, AdImpact said.

Trump’s ad spending was part of the strategic error that likely cost Trump the election. The President governed and campaigned for reelection on the inaccurate belief that his base was all that he needed to win.

Trump banked everything on Fox News turning out his base and delivering victory, and he was totally wrong. Donald Trump didn’t make any effort beyond tiny token spending on CNN and MSNBC to reach viewers who were not already supporting him, and he paid for his arrogance at the ballot box.

Biden’s strategy was to spend his money trying to persuade moderate voters who watch CNN and MSNBC, and it worked. In recent history, CNN has tended to attract Independent voters. Biden targeted swing state Fox News viewers who were persuadable and Independents.

The Biden campaign likely figured that they had the MSNBC audience so they targeted their spending elsewhere. The gap on MSNBC was filled by outside groups that were supporting Biden. Groups like MoveOn Action, Priorities USA, and the Lincoln Project were all in heavy rotation especially in local swing state ad spots on MSNBC.

Trump bet almost everything on Fox News, and Joe Biden smoked him like a chump.

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