Trump Says He Won’t Sign COVID Relief Bill Without More Stimulus Money

When the first round of stimulus checks came out, Donald Trump wanted to make Americans think that they actually came from him. His gigantic signature was emblazoned on each payment sent.

The second stimulus check will go out while Trump is still in office. This payment will be half the amount that the first was, only coming in at $600. The lesser amount is due to a furious fight put up by Republicans lawmakers.

In an effort to make himself look in control, though, Trump is reacting negatively to the amount. The president tweeted on Tuesday night that he is not yet ready to sign the stimulus bill.

Trump said in a video posted to his feed, “[A] few months ago, Congress started negotiations on a new package to get urgently needed help to the American people. It’s taken forever. However, the bill they are now planning to send back to my desk is much different than anticipated. It really is a disgrace.”

The soon to be ex-president continued, “Despite all of this wasteful spending and much more, the $900 billion package provides hardworking taxpayers with only $600 each in relief payments, and not enough money is given to small businesses, and in particular restaurants, whose owners have suffered so grievously.”

Watch a video of Trump’s comments below: