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WATCH: Biden Laughs Off, Mocks Question From Fox News Reporter

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The last month has been marked by two very important stories. The first, of course, is that there has been a COVID-19 surge and Americans are dying at higher numbers than at any other time during the pandemic.

The other story is, of course, Donald Trump and his absolute refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election. The attempts to overturn the election, thankfully, have become increasingly pathetic.


If one was to turn on Fox News over the last month, though, they would be mostly hearing about one very unimportant story; Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden gave a press conference to wrap up 2020. Of course, the main topics were the coronavirus vaccine and the looming stimulus package. The president-elect did take questions from the media.

Peter Doocy, a reporter for Fox News, couldn’t resist asking about Hunter Biden. He was not called on during the presser, so he shouted after Biden was walking off stage.


The reporter yelled, “Do you still think the stories from the fall about your son, Hunter, were Russian disinformation campaign and a smear campaign, like you said?”

A bemused Biden first started laughing. He then responded to the question from Doocy. “God love you, man,” he replied. “You’re a one-horse pony, I’ve got to tell you. … I promise you, my Justice Department will be totally on its own in making judgments about how they should proceed.”


Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of C-SPAN:


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