A Bad Sign For Republicans As Georgia Senate Turnout Looks The Same As Biden’s Win

Turnout in the Georgia Senate runoff elections is so far looking the same as it did when Joe Biden won the state in November.

Kyle Griffin tweeted:

Georgia’s African-American turnout is at 99.4% of the presidential election turnout, which has never been done before in the state, and would be a record:

In order for Republicans to retain the two Senate seats, they needed lower Democratic and African-American turnout. If African-American turnout sets another record, Republicans will be in trouble in both races.

Just like the presidential election, neither one of these races will be a blowout. They will be very close. Georgia voters understand what is on the line in these runoffs, and so far, Democrats have kept their momentum going.

Trump is trying to sabotage pandemic relief, while Kelly Loeffler runs around says radical left and Marxist as if it is part of some sort of political tic. David Perdue is avoiding debates with Jon Ossoff, and Republicans aren’t sure of sending Trump back to the state will help or hurt their chances.

If Democrats close strong and keep the momentum going, they will be in the running to win both Georgia elections and control of the US Senate.

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