Trump May Have Cost Mitch McConnell The Senate With His Stimulus Check Sabotage


Trump wiped out Mitch McConnell’s talking point that Loeffler/Perdue delivered pandemic relief and gave Democrats a powerful issue 12 days before the Georgia Senate runoffs.

It is the worst kept secret in American politics that Mitch McConnell only supported stimulus checks because he was trying to prop up Georgia Senate Republican incumbent runoff candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

Trump is angry at McConnell for not helping him overturn the election and for trying to squash a challenge of the results on the Senate floor.

The President’s call for $2,000 stimulus checks was his way of trying to hurt Mitch McConnell, but it has already backfired.


As Greg Sargent noted in The Washington Post, “The hidden beauty of this is that it destroys the story that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) wants to tell about how we got here, a story that he hopes will salvage Loeffler, Perdue and his Senate majority. McConnell agreed to this $900 billion deal in part to save his Georgia senators, admitting that they were ‘getting hammered’ over opposition to stimulus checks. His spin now is that Republicans always wanted to offer this relief and that Democrats were the obstacle to it.”

Trump is mad at McConnell and he wants the credit for any stimulus checks to go to himself, not a couple of Republican Senators in Georgia who doesn’t care about, and has shown signs that he would like them to lose because he is bitter that Joe Biden beat him in the state.

The President has gone beyond his usual tantrums and petty grievances about his own party. He is trying to sabotage Republican hopes in Georgia because if he can’t win the state, no Republican can.

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