Republicans Sued For Voter Intimidation Tactics Against Black And Brown Voters In Georgia Runoffs

The right-wing Republican supporting group True The Vote is being sued in Georgia over tactics they are using to intimidate black and brown voters.

Marc E. Elias tweeted:

The complaint laid out the voter intimidation tactics being used:

Crucially, the focus of these efforts has been to intimidate and deter eligible and qualified Georgians—particularly Black and brown voters and first-time voters—from exercising their fundamental right to vote. Just last week, for example, True the Vote announced that the organization, in partnership with electors in each Georgia county, intended to preemptively challenge the eligibility of more than 364,000 Georgians to vote on the grounds that these voters no longer reside in the State of Georgia. To be sure, these challenges are meritless because the “evidence” they have presented—purported lists of names culled from the U.S. Postal Service. National Change of Address (“NCOA”) registry—is notoriously unreliable as a means of determining voter eligibility.


To complement these mass voter challenges, Defendants are also recruiting volunteers to monitor voters as they return their ballots and are encouraging “citizen watchdogs” to report suspected instances of illegal voting to their 24/7 “voter integrity” hotline.

As a final touch, Defendants also established a $1 million reward fund to “incentivize” individuals to report instances of “election malfeasance.” The obvious effect of this million-dollar bounty will be to encourage Defendants’ supporters to generate even more baseless accusations of voter fraud.

So far, African-American turnout is on a record-setting pace in the Senate runoffs.

There is a systemic and widespread voter intimidation campaign going on in Georgia, but Stacy Abrams and voting rights advocates are ready and fighting back against the Republican campaign to steal two Senate seats in Georgia.

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