Opinion: Russia Is Celebrating That Trump “Burned The United States” On His Way Out

Last updated on January 17th, 2021 at 05:13 am

If there was any doubt that dirty Don Trump was a gigantic asset in Vladimir Putin’s attempt to inflict damage on the Western world, particularly the United States, this week Russian media confirmed what every sane American already knew was fact. Trump was Russia’s candidate and although he is a loser, Russians are celebrating that he “burned the United States” on his way out of office.

This past week after the Electoral College affirmed that Trump was soundly defeated in last month’s general election, Russian president Vladimir Putin finally sent a congratulatory message to President-elect Joe Biden. As Russian media noted, Putin was the very last leader of a G20 nation to acknowledge that Trump is a loser. However, Putin did acknowledge Trump’s loss before “MoscowMitch McConnell.

According to an article over at the Daily Beast, Russian legislators, television hosts, and pundits acknowledged that Trump was “our candidate” and reveled in the damage to America Trump wreaked over four years; damage the Russians are exceedingly happy about.

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Russian media gleefully described Trump as “our candidate Trump,” “our friend Donald,” “our Grandpa” and “poor, poor Trump.” Although the Russian state TV shows finally did concede that Trump is a loser, they also saw a bright side to Trump’s “four-year reign.”

For example, the CEO of Mosfilm Studio and pundit on Russian state television, Karen Shakhnozoarov, rejoiced over Trump’s damage to America’s electoral and political system. Ms. Shakhnozoarov also admitted that Trump successfully completed his “mission of destroying the political system of the United States.”

The director of the International Institute of the Newly Established States, Alexi Martynov, is a renown Russian political expert who noted that with GOP help, Trump “burned the reputation of U.S. institutions during these elections.”

Mr. Martynov’s assessment was fully supported by the host of Russia’s “60 Minutes” program.  Sergey Strokan said:

He [Trump] is discrediting the American electoral system. Let’s be glad about that. I certainly am. The worse for them, the better for us.

Weighing in during the broadcast, the 60 Minutes co-host, Evgeny Popov, pointed to a map of America showing states supporting Trump’s attempt to overturn a legal and fair election to remain in office. Mr. Popov said:

Just look at this map, this is a real beauty. Exactly half of the country, divided. America is divided!”

Apparently the Russians are most proud of their puppet for “stoking racial tensions to sow discord in American society.” According to the Russian media, with silent approval from Republicans, Trump’s incessant insults towards people of color and vilification of immigrants “worked even better than the Kremilin’s most successful operations.

As noted in the article, “Stoking racial tensions has long been one of the Kremlin’s favored methods of sowing discord in American society;” a fact that was confirmed in Robert Mueller’s report on Russian election interference, noted by America’s intelligence community, and concluded by the U.S. Senate.

For any American with a pulse and not in thrall of Trump, none of this information is revelatory, shocking yes, but nothing most observers didn’t already suspect. However, it is stunning in that there was no attempt by the official Russian state media to conceal precisely what many already believed; Trump is a Russian asset and he did, in fact, incorporate everything Putin wanted in every Trump administration policy. Still, there are tens of millions of Trump acolytes who could not possibly care less that Trump was doing Putin’s bidding for the sole purpose of destroying American society, its once vaunted standing in the world, as well as creating a divide among Americans not seen since the Civil War.

If anyone wondered why Trump and his Republican facilitators installed Cabinet-level malacontents with a history of wanting to destroy the agencies they ran, it was not a conspiracy theory that he wanted to decimate every American institution created to serve and protect the people.

Some may rightly believe that Trump’s only reason for seeking the White House in the first place was to fleece the nation, and that is certainly true. However, in light of Russia celebrating that Trump destabilized America’s political system, and created an atmosphere among his substantial base that America’s democratic system of government is rigged against them, no conscious human being can believe anything other than in serving Russia’s interests, Trump’s secondary goal was indeed burning America during his four-year reign and as he was sent packing. – exactly as Vladimir Putin intended.

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