Marco Rubio Seems To Suggest Americans Don’t Need COVID Vaccine After He Got Vaccinated

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) got his COVID vaccination and then said that Dr. Fauci is lying about the number of vaccinations needed for herd immunity.

Rubio tweeted:

Many in elite bubbles, like Sen. Marco Rubio, are misleading the American people on the need to get vaccinated because they are planning to run for president in 2024 and are trying to appeal to Trump’s base.

If Rubio really believed that a comprehensive vaccination program is unnecessary, he could have skipped getting vaccinated and put his theory to the test.

Trump will soon be gone, but the culture of denial, misinformation, and reckless stupidity will remain strong within the Republican Party.

Marco Rubio still wants to be president. He and other Republican contenders are going to engage in a race to the bottom to try to capture all of the Trump voters that they can get.

The 2024 campaign for the Republican nomination is off and running, with Rubio suggesting to Republican primary voters that their vaccination might not be necessary.

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