Geraldo Begs Trump to Exit White House With “Dignity and Grace”

Geraldo Rivera, who often appears on Fox News, is a long time friend of Donald Trump. And unlike many of the president’s friends, Rivera has pushed the president to accept his electoral defeat and move on to the next chapter of his life.

There are many words used to describe Donald Trump, but dignity and grace are not often associated with the president. Still, those are two words Rivera used in his plea to Trump.

Rivera tweeted on Tuesday night, “Whatever is planned for January 6th, true friends of Donald Trump want him to remember the country comes first. The presidency means more than any individual. Reject the crackpots. Exit with dignity and grace, for yourself, your family and the country you served so ably.”

The journalist has been tweeting about the president quite a bit in recent days. On Sunday, he wrote, “Can’t decipher exactly what Donald Trump is attempting. He must know: 1-courts will not intervene in election, it’s over. 2-Congress has neither tools nor inclination—with just a week in term—to rewrite porky Covid relief bill. He’ll veto, they’ll override, DC is in chaos.”

He followed that message last night, writing, “Glad POTUS realized he was being spiteful & petty, behavior totally beneath him. Now he must reject advice from handful of diehard radicals who’ve done enough to tarnish his brilliant legacy. Let’s talk vaccines, economy, treaties. Let’s move on. Say something conciliatory.”