Mitch McConnell Blocks Immediate Vote On $2,000 Stimulus Checks


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked a move by Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer to immediately vote on $2,000 stimulus checks.


Schumer asked for an immediate vote on the Senate floor by saying, “Will the senator modify his request to include a unanimous consent request, to include unanimous consent that the Senate proceed to the immediate consideration of hr 9051, a bill received from the House, to increase recovery rebate amounts to $2,000 per individual, that the bill be read a third time and passed, the motion to reconsider be considered made and laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate?


McConnell objected.

McConnell also objected to a request for an immediate vote after the Senate overrides Trump’s NDAA veto.

Even though four Republican Senators support the $2,000 stimulus checks, which would make the passage bipartisan to go along the bipartisan support in the House, and the support of Trump in the White House, Mitch McConnell is refusing to budge and give the embattled incumbent Republican Senators in Georgia a lifeline.

The American people need this aid quickly, but Mitch McConnell is playing his usual games while ignoring the coast to coast suffering of millions.

McConnell’s actions are showing voters in Georgia why they must give control of the Senate to Democrats in one week.

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