Democrats Think They Have The Votes To Pass $2,000 Stimulus As Republicans Implode

Sen. Dick Durban (D-IL) said that Senate Republicans are divided as Democrats think that they have the votes to pass $2,000 stimulus checks.


Durbin was asked on MSNBC if he thought that Democrats had the votes to get the $2,000 stimulus checks passed, and he answered, “Yes, I do. And senator McConnell’s in a dilemma because his caucus is not united. There are some Republicans who oppose it and he has the power to call the bill. It really is the Senate Republican leader, he has the sole authority to decide when and if we’re going to call this bill. And if he doesn’t call it soon, the clock will run out. We’re to a new congress on January 3rd.”

Mitch McConnell’s problem is that he can either enrage half or more of his caucus by letting the $2,000 stimulus checks pass, or he can potentially kiss the Senate goodbye by not passing the aid and losing two Senate runoffs in Georgia.

McConnell is trying to dig his way out of trouble by blackmailing Democrats into supporting Trump’s election fraud nonsense.

If McConnell does allow a vote on a clean bill to increase stimulus payments to $2,000, the odds are improving by the hour that the bill would pass the Senate.

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