Mitch McConnell Says Americans Don’t Need $2,000 Stimulus Checks

As he blocked $2,000 stimulus checks for the third time, Mitch McConnell claimed that the American people don’t need the checks.

CNN reported:

The Kentucky Republican said the House bill had “no realistic path to quickly pass the Senate,” and said the Democratic-led effort ran astray of what President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly pressured Republicans to pass the expanded stimulus checks, actually requested.

“The Senate is not going to be bullied into rushing out more borrowed money into the hands of Democrats‘ rich friends who don’t need the help,” McConnell said.

Mitch McConnell’s description of who gets the stimulus checks was a total lie. The stimulus checks aren’t going to go to rich people and only Democrats. The stimulus checks would go to all Americans who make under $87,000 or couples who make less than $174,000.

The Americans who would get the stimulus aren’t rich. They are middle class and below, and millions upon millions of them could desperately use the help. These people are going hungry and facing homelessness by the millions.

COVID knows no political party, and its economic devastation isn’t limited to Democrats or Republicans.

Majority Leader McConnell’s message was that the American people don’t need an extra $2,000 each, as the man who passed the biggest tax cut for corporations and the wealthy in US history is suddenly worried about borrowing money so that people can have food to eat and a roof over their heads.

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