Adam Schiff Drills Republican Hypocrites For Opposing $2,000 Stimulus Checks That Trump Supports

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) hammered Republicans for caving to every Trump whim but $2,000 stimulus checks.

Chairman Schiff tweeted:

The opposition to the $2,000 survival checks is a stain that Republicans will carry with them for much longer than next week’s Senate runoff elections in Georgia. The American people are going to forget how Republicans in the Senate bent to every wish except for the one that would have provided thousands of dollars to millions of Americans who are facing hunger and potentially homelessness.

Senate Republicans almost universally stayed silent as Trump has lied about election fraud. They refused to convict the impeached president when he tried to extort Ukraine. The Senate Republican majority has alternated between running away when asked about Trump’s comments and enabling him.

Trump wants the Senate to pass $2,000 stimulus checks for his own selfish reasons, but that doesn’t mean that after four years of kowtowing, excuse-making, and enabling, it is not hypocrisy for the GOP to say no now.

Chairman Schiff was right. Republicans will defend anything that Trump says or does with the exception of trying to help Americans.

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