WATCH: George Conway Says the GOP Is in “a Never-Ending Downward Spiral Into Delusion and Unreality.”

George Conway had been a Republican his entire life when Donald Trump came around. His wife Kellyanne, of course, became a key member of Team Trump.

Trump, however, was too much for Conway to stomach and he’s done everything he can to get him out of office. This includes becoming a founding member of the Lincoln Project.

But at this point, Conway says, he doesn’t have to work too hard to take down his former party. Thanks to their devotion to Trump, they are dismantling the party themselves.

Conway made the comments during an appearance with CNN’s Jake Tapper. to discuss Josh Hawley’s announcement about contesting the Electoral College results. The host asked, “Couldn’t this move by Josh Hawley force John Thune to vote against President Trump and thus open an opportunity for somebody to primary John Thune, in a Republican primary for when he runs for reelection, because there is now this anti-fact, ant-truth groundswell of support among Trump supporters?”

“If that’s true, then the I guess the path success in the Republican party is to continue to degrade it,” Conway responded. “What we’re seeing here is a never-ending downward spiral into delusion and unreality and into just lies about the integrity of our democracy. And that is profoundly dangerous. These individuals are seeking to advance their own political careers and do so at the expense of trust in our democracy.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN: