Trump Cements His Legacy Of Failure By Coming Up 18 Million Vaccinations Short Of Goal

Trump said that the goal was to get 20 million Americans vaccinated by the end of the year, and he is 18 million vaccinations short.

Here are the very on brand numbers for Trump:

Operation Warp Speed has been Operation Total Fail. Joe Biden said for months that a quick vaccine doesn’t do any good if there is not a plan to get it to people quickly, and to the surprise of no one, Trump never had a plan.

People who don’t need to be vaccinated first like Republican US Senators, White House staff, and even dental school students are getting the vaccine before nursing home workers and residents.

If Trump had won the election, the country would be screwed.

Trump’s political brand is failure. He failed as a president. He failed to win reelection. He failed in his challenge to the election, and he is continuing to fail and kill the American people every single day until his term expires on January 20.’

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