The Dirty Dozen GOP Senate Coup Plotters Are Worried That Trump Will Primary Them

Nearly one-quarter of the Republican Senate caucus is supporting an effort to overthrow the election because they are worried that Trump will support primarying them.

Axios reported, “While numerous courts up to the Supreme Court have thrown out election challenges made by the Trump campaign and other supporters, these senators are concerned that voting against the president’s wishes will prompt him to support an opponent against them in 2022 and beyond.”

Sen. David Perdue of Georgia will not be able to participate in any election challenges because his term expires the night before the results are set to be certified and even if he wins the runoff, his reelection will not be certified for two weeks.

It is likely, given the closeness of the runoffs, that neither Republican Senator from Georgia will know their fate before the presidential election certified.

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley want to run for president in 2024, which is why they are challenging the election, but the other ten Senators are betraying democracy because they are terrified of Trump and think that he has the power to primary them.

One of Trump’s biggest accomplishments has been to convince a bunch of weak-kneed Republicans that he has the power to decide their fates when he does not.

The coup plotters are playing a dangerous game, and they may soon learn that sedition carries consequences.

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