The Trump Plot To Steal The Election Just Backfired On House Republicans

Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican who does not support the election coup, has challenged the seating of the House delegations in all of the states that Trump is contesting.

Kyle Cheney tweeted:

Rep. Roy is sending a message to his own party that they can’t have it both ways. House Republicans can’t claim that the same results that elected them are valid while disputing the presidential election results from the same vote.

The flaw in the Trump election fraud claim has always been the common-sense problem that if the presidential results in these states are invalid, then all of the results in the five swing states are also not valid, and those members should not be seated.

Just as it is impossible to be a little bit pregnant, it is also impossible for an election to be a little bit illegitimate.

The congressional delegations will be seated, but the consequences of this assault on democracy are going to haunt the coup plotters for a very long time.

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