Former Congressman Calls For Impeachment This Week After Trump Tapes Bombshell

Former Rep. David Jolly said that Speaker Pelosi should play the Trump tapes on the House floor then hold an impeachment vote this week.

Jolly tweeted:

The House Judiciary Committee doesn’t need hearings. They have all of the evidence that they need to impeach Trump for what appears to be a criminal offense of interfering in a state election.

The point of impeaching Trump with roughly two weeks left in his term would be to send the message to all of the anti-democracy Republicans that these behaviors will not be tolerated and their seditious acts against the people of the United States will not be tolerated.

Trump and his supporters appear to believe that they have absolute power and authority to do anything. If Biden and the coalition are to restore the rule of law, getting outraged over Trump’s election fraud efforts is not enough.

Donald Trump could end up facing criminal charges for what he is doing, but the House could send an immediate and powerful message by impeaching Trump before he leaves offices for his attempted destruction of democracy.

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