Trump Disgraces The Medal Of Freedom By Giving It Devin Nunes

Trump is giving Rep. Devin Nunes the Medal of Freedom for his role in spreading conspiracy theories and covering up the Russia scandal.

The White House press release provided to PoliticusUSA states:

In 2017, Congressman Nunes launched an investigation into the Obama-Biden administration’s misconduct during the 2016 election – and began to unearth the crime of the century. As a result of his work, he discovered that the infamous Steele Dossier was funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. He found that a senior Justice Department attorney was married to one of the architects of the document. He learned that the Obama-Biden administration had issued Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants to spy on President Trump’s campaign and illegitimately unmasked several innocent spying victims for political gain.

Devin Nunes’ courageous actions helped thwart a plot to take down a sitting United States president. Devin’s efforts led to the firing, demotion, or resignation of over a dozen FBI and DOJ employees. He also forced the disclosure of documents that proved that a corrupt senior FBI official pursued a vindictive persecution of General Michael Flynn — even after rank and file FBI agents found no evidence of wrongdoing.

Congressman Nunes pursued the Russia Hoax at great personal risk and never stopped standing up for the truth. He had the fortitude to take on the media, the FBI, the Intelligence Community, the Democrat Party, foreign spies, and the full power of the Deep State.

Everything in the above paragraphs is a lie. Nunes spread conspiracy theories, tried to sabotage the Russia investigation, and served as a mole who leaked information to Trump.

Nunes is getting the Medal of Freedom because he was loyal to Trump, not to the United States of America.

Trump has disgraced the nation’s highest civilian honor by awarding them to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Devin Nunes.

Just sixteen more days until the embarrassment to America ends.

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