Georgia Democrats Are Performing Better Than Expected In The Absentee Vote


While it’s still early, Democratic Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock appear to be performing better than expected in the absentee and mail-in vote, according to the data that’s come in so far.

As Nate Cohn pointed out on Twitter, “We’re starting to get some votes and most of it is early and absentee votes, where Democrats were expected to fare well. In our view, Dems faring a hair better than expected in the absentee vote.”


MSNBC‘s Steve Kornacki also pointed out that In Georgia’s most populous county – Fulton – both of the Democratic candidates are getting slightly stronger mail-in vote margins than Joe Biden did against Donald Trump.

“They want to when all the votes get counted up in Fulton County … be at the Biden number,” the MSNBC numbers guru said.


The Georgia races are headed for a photo finish

As Nate Cohn noted in the tweet above, the open question is whether Republicans can overcome the clear Democratic early vote advantage with a strong Election Day turnout.

That is certainly plausible as reports indicate long lines in areas that tend to be more favorable for the GOP, like Cherokee County.

Regardless of how these two contests shake out in the end, the two Georgia runoff races will like be a pair of squeakers.

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