Lou Dobbs Says If Loeffler, Perdue Win, It Proves Trump Is Right About Voter Fraud

This years presidential election featured a daunting map for Donald Trump. In 2016, he won traditionally Democratic states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin by the slimmest of margins. He also had so contend with the leftward lean of Republican strongholds like Georgia and Arizona.

In the end, Trump lost all 5 of those states. In the Mid-West states, which all have Democratic Governors, he simply said those states rigged the election for Biden.

It was a harder claim in Arizona and Georgia, which have Republican governors as well as many GOP lawmakers in charge of running the election. That hasn’t stopped the wounded president from claiming they too committed fraud against him.

Most have laughed off Trump’s claims of fraud in Arizona and Georgia where recounts were done and lawsuits failed. Lou Dobbs, though, is still a believer.

Tuesday will feature a special election in Georgia which will determine control of the senate. During tonight’s show, the Fox Business host claimed that if Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue win in Georgia tonight, it proves Trump’s allegations of election fraud.

Dobbs told his audience:

“President Trump is, of course, not on the ballot this time in Georgia but his historic accomplishments certainly are. A Republican victory tonight would save the country from the radical left’s crusade to undo all of the extraordinary, historical work that President Trump has accomplished. It would also provide further support to the president’s claim that Georgia’s 16 Electoral College votes were fraudulently stolen by Joe Biden in November.”

Watch a clip of Dobbs’ comments below, courtesy of the Fox Business network: