Mike Pence To Ignore Trump And Follow The Constitution To Certify Biden’s Win

People close to Mike Pence said that he intends to allow Republicans to raise their objections but follow the Constitution on certifying Biden‘s win.


Peter Alexander of NBC News reported:

Moments ago I spoke to an administration official who says the vice president is taking this very seriously, studiously, in their words, that he’s met with a parliamentarian, that he’s met with experts on the matter, he’s studied the Electoral Count Act of the late 1800s that dictates this count must take place on January 6 which would mean you couldn’t have this sort of delay that some Republicans have been pushing for right now.

But if you listen to the vice president’s words, they themselves I think are particularly telling. He said among other things yesterday, “I promise you we will have our day in congress.” He said, “We will hear the objections, we will hear the evidence.” But he didn’t go further than that, which is to say that it appears at least from what we’re hearing that he wants the process to play out but given the opportunity to decide between his boss and the constitution, in the words of one close to him, he is going to follow the constitution while still sort of affording the House and Senate this opportunity to air these grievances and address these matters.

Mike Pence is only interested in looking out for himself right now. It is not in his interest to blow up the Constitution to try to keep Donald Trump in power with a scheme that won’t work. Mike Pence wants to run for president in 2024 and another four years as Donald Trump’s marginalized stooge would not be the best thing for his political ambitions.

Pence doesn’t have the power to reject electors. The Vice President could stand there looking concerned while House and Senate Republicans object to the Electoral College results in five swing states.

The Vice President isn’t going to do down for Trump and some harebrained coup that is destined to fail. Pence will end up following the Constitution, and Joe Biden’s win will be certified by Congress.

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