Raphael Warnock Projected To Win Georgia Senate Seat

Dave Wasserman projects that Raphael Warnock will defeat Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler in the Georgia Senate runoff.

Wasserman tweeted:

Rev. Warnock’s win is the least surprising of the two. Loeffler never won her seat and she was wildly unpopular in the state. Wasserman’s projection means that Democrats are one step closer to retaking the Senate. The New York Times needle currently gives Jon Ossoff a slight edge over Sen. David Perdue.

The story of the night so far in Georgia is that the Democratic candidates have overperformed Joe Biden‘s margins while Republican turnout has dropped thanks to Donald Trump‘s claims that the state’s elections are rigged.

Control of the Senate now comes down to one contest that is projected to have a razor-thin margin. Democrats are one victory away from control of the US Senate.