Sore Loser Kelly Loeffler’s Aide Assaulted A Reporter In Front Of Police

An aide to outgoing Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler elbowed and pushed Senior Congressional Correspondent for CNN Manu Raju early Wednesday afternoon after he asked her if she thought the Georgia runoff was a free and fair election.

The aide lied about the incident, but unfortunately for the aide, the Capitol police witnessed it.

Kelly Loeffler entered Senate chamber and wouldn’t answer my question about whether she thought it was a free and fair election last night. Her aide elbowed me and pushed me out of way.

A Capitol police officer reprimanded the aide, who initially lied and said he didn’t push me.

The officer said to the aide: “Yes you did. I saw you. You can’t just push someone out of the way.”

The aide then apologized.

This is how Republican Kelly Loeffler reacts to losing, which is kind of like when you break up with someone and then the have their friend key your car and push you from behind, as if to make sure that you know you made the right decision.

Loeffler apparently leads like her hero Donald Trump, replete with his contempt for those carrying out the sacred First Amendment – a thug mentality that has trickled down throughout the entire Republican Party, so bent on their sense of entitlement to use and abuse taxpayer resources and the country at large that they simply can’t accept the democratic process, let alone respect it.

Kelly Loeffler has never been one for democracy, and indeed today was going to be her big day of screaming falsehoods from the Senate floor in an attempt to help outgoing President Donald Trump’s coup attempt to overthrow democracy.

It is sort of hard to make a legitimate case for overturning an election when every single judge has tossed the cases out for lack of evidence and now, Loeffler herself is a loser of an election she is complaining about.

The Peach state tossed Loeffler to the curb, and so her aide pushed a respected reporter in petulant retaliation.