Top Republicans Call For The 25th Amendment And Trump’s Removal

After Trump‘s incitement of violence in the Capitol, a growing number of congressional Republicans are calling for his removal from office.

CNN reported:

After violent pro-Trump protesters stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday, a growing number of Republican leaders told CNN that they believe Donald Trump should be removed from office before January 20. Four of them called for the 25th Amendment to be invoked, and two others said the President should be impeached.

“He has to be impeached and removed,” said one current Republican elected official.

A former senior official said the President’s actions were egregious enough to remove him even with such a short time left in his tenure.

Trump’s full cabinet would seemingly never go along with the 25th Amendment, and if the goal is to prevent Trump from ever serving in federal office again, impeachment would be the preferred option.

Notice that none of these Republicans allowed themselves to be quoted by name.

It is not surprising that once the violent mob came for them, Republicans decided that it was time to do something about Trump. Republican officials had no issue with Trump when he was inciting violence against journalists or minorities, but when the mob attacked them, they decided that it might be time to do something.

Republicans get zero credit for speaking out or taking action five years too late. Their cowardly refusal to stand up to Trump when he was a candidate is why the country got stuck with him in the first place.

Donald Trump is their mess, and the blood that gets shed because of his actions is on the hands of every single Republican who stayed quiet, looked the other way, or otherwise enabled this president.