Trump Thugs Riot After Pence Refuses To Overturn The Election

Vice President Mike Pence refused to overturn the election, and shortly thereafter, Trump‘s fans rioted on the Capitol.

Here is the page from Pence’s letter to Congress as provided to PoliticusUSA by the White House:

The relevant quote from Pence’s letter:

It has been known for more than 24 hours that Pence

was not about to go along with Donald Trump’s coup to cause a constitutional crisis. Trump claimed to his supporters that Pence had the authority to do overturn the election, and threatened that Pence needed to “do the right thing.”

Trump lied to his supporters. Pence was never going to overturn the election, but Trump set Pence up to take the fall and be blamed by his supporters for not coming through for Trump.

The end result of Trump’s lies which have gone on for weeks about Pence overturning the election is that Trump stoked the flames for this violence.

The rioters can’t stop Joe Biden from becoming president, and it isn’t a coincidence that things took a turn for the worse after Mike Pence defied Trump and refused to overturn the election.

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Jason Easley

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