Capitol Police Rejected Federal Help Before and During Trump Terrorists Attack

It was stunning to see how differently Capitol Police dealt with the Trump terrorists who breached the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, in a violent coup attempt that resulted in four deaths.

It turns out that the social media suggestions that the police “just let this happen” might not have been that far off, as the AP reports that the Pentagon offered National Guard manpower to the Capitol Police, and the police turned it down. Then, as the Trump terrorists breached the fencing and “descended upon the building” the Justice Department offered FBI agents.

The police turned down both offers, according to the AP, which cited “senior defense officials and two people familiar with the matter.”

There was not only plenty of warning that this was a plot to stop the certification of the election for the rightful winner, President Elect Joe Biden, but any person with access to the internet could have seen the Trump mob plotting for violence on social media.

This raises questions about the Capitol Police’s intentions as well as raising the awareness, yet again, of how differently police treat black people who are protesting because they don’t want to be murdered for the color of their skin than they treat armed white people who lost an election and thus feel entitled to violently breach our most sacred chambers.