UPDATE: 138 House Republicans Stand With Terrorists And Vote To Overturn The Election


UPDATE: The list of House Republicans who voted to side with domestic terrorists up to 138.

Under cover of darkness, as much of the nation was sleeping, 121 House Republicans sided with the Trump mob and voted to overturn the election.

There were 139 House Republicans who voted for at least one objection, but 121 House Republicans sided with terrorists and voted to overturn the election.


The full list is available here.

Here are the pictures of the supporters of domestic political terrorism:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee responded to House Republicans embracing domestic terrorism in a statement to PoliticusUSA, “A few hours ago, domestic terrorists stormed the Capitol building inspired by Washington Republicans’ wild lies, cynical posturing, and far-flung conspiracy theories – 121 House Republicans’ votes tell us clearly and unequivocally that they stand with those violent terrorists, not the rule of law, or the American people or our democracy. In Congress or out, this vote is a stain on their legacy that can never be absolved.”

Not even acts of domestic terrorism can get a group of Republicans to stand with their country and support democracy. Trump is the figurehead of the authoritarian takeover of the Republican Party, but the results show that he is not alone. The majority of House Republicans oppose democracy, and they have a small caucus of Republican Senators at their side.

Those in Congress who voted to overturn an election are a bigger threat to the nation than the red hat-wearing brainwashed white people who attacked the Capitol. These members of Congress are the ultimate threat from within and should be expelled from the House.

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