Mary Trump Urges Lawmakers To Ignore Trump’s Fake Concession Tape And Toss Him Out Of Office Now


Donald Trump appeared to officially wave the white flag of surrender and concede to Joe Biden in a highly-edited video released on Thursday night.

But the hostage-style tape was clearly designed by Trump and his allies to stave off a second impeachment or removal from office via the 25th Amendment.

The president’s niece, Mary Trump, said the scripted speech doesn’t change the fact that the president is a clear and present danger to the country and must be removed from office.


“[The video] certainly shouldn’t do anything to let him off the hook,” she said. “If he’s not impeached and removed from office, we’re in serious trouble.”


Mary Trump said:

I think somebody was able to get through to him and convince him that even if it’s only performative, he needed to do something to mitigate the damage he caused only to himself, of course, because that’s all he cares about. That he caused to himself yesterday. But of course, it was purely performance. There was not any truth in it at all. And if you listen carefully, he doesn’t actually concede the election. So, there’s no reason to take that video seriously. There’s no reason to give him any credit for it. There’s no reason at all to believe that it means that he is going to change going forward. We’re still looking at a very difficult, potentially dangerous, 12 days. And it certainly shouldn’t do anything to let him off the hook. If he’s not impeached and removed from office we’re in serious trouble.

Trump released the video to protect himself

Encouraged by Donald Trump, a group of MAGA insurrectionists stormed the nation’s capital on Wednesday in an attempt to overturn the election. It was an act of terror that left multiple people dead and shook the country to its core.

As Mary Trump said on Thursday, the president released this speech today in an attempt to protect himself from the fallout, not because he cares about healing the country or bringing down the national temperature.

The outgoing president knows that a growing number of lawmakers and Americans are calling for his impeachment and removal. He also seems to recognize that any political future he thought he had could be dead after Wednesday’s failed MAGA coup.

Make no mistake: The United States remains at great risk as long as Donald Trump is in the White House. A pre-taped speech that his staff forced him to deliver doesn’t change that reality.

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