Simon & Schuster Cancels Josh Hawley’s Book Deal For His Role In Threatening Democracy

Yesterday’s attack on the U.S. Capitol was almost entirely Donald Trump‘s fault. But the President couldn’t have incited such a wild scene with a coterie of enablers.

And the biggest enabler in Donald Trump’s election fight has been Missouri senator Josh Hawley. While Republican like Ted Cruz, Marsha Blackburn and Tommy Tuberville later joined the fight, Hawley was the first to sign on.

Hawley, of course, wasn’t backing Trump because he believed in the cause, he was doing it to help his political future. The Missouri senator, a 41 year-old graduate of Yale Law School is a man of great ambition.

He was also soon to be a published author. Simon & Schuster was set to publish Hawley’s upcoming book, The Tyranny of Big Tech. The publisher has now announced they will be pulling out.

The company wrote in a statement:

“We did not come to this decision lightly. As a publisher it will always be our mission to amplify a variety of voices and viewpoints: At the same time we take seriously our larger public responsibilityas citizens, and cannot support Senator Hawley after his role in what became a dangerous threat.”

Hawley put out a statement yesterday while the violence he helped ignite was occurring in the Capitol. His office tweeted, “Thank you to the brave law enforcement officials who have put their lives on the line. The violence must end, those who attacked police and broke the law must be prosecuted, and Congress must get back to work and finish its job.”

The senator has yet to comment on losing his book deal.