Lindsey Graham Says Trump Should Go Unpunished For Inciting Deadly Riot


Even though five people are now dead, Sen. Lindsey Graham called for Trump to go unpunished for inciting the Capitol riot.

Graham tweeted:

House Democrats are suggesting that impeachment could come as soon as next week. Speaker Pelosi told reporters that Vice President Mike Pence can either invoke the 25th Amendment or the House will pursue impeachment.


Trump incited a riot and tried to overthrow the government.

There is no shrug and move on from the attempted violent overthrow of US democracy. Lindsey Graham is hoping that Joe Biden will give his blessing to turning a blind eye toward an attempted coup. That’s not going to happen. Biden isn’t going to bail out Trump for potential sedition and treason.

Trump deserves to be impeached and removed from office, and thankfully with Democrats in charge of Congress,’ we can count on there being investigations and real consequences for Trump’s actions.

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