Trump Tries To Get Around Ban But Twitter Immediately Smacks Him Down

Trump tried to get around his Twitter ban by tweeting from the POTUS account, but Twitter immediately removed his tweet.

Here is a screengrab of Trump‘s tweet and how quickly it was removed:

Twitter explicitly told Trump not to try to get around the ban by using the @POTUS account or setting up a new account, and as usual, Trump didn’t listen. Twitter isn’t playing around with Trump. They aren’t banning him until things calm down. The social media company announced the suspension as permanent because Trump is a threat to cause violence.

Trump thought that he could ignore the ban and do whatever he wanted, but Twitter is no longer going to allow him a platform for his dangerous lies. The @POTUS account will be transferred directly to the Biden administration when the next president is sworn in, so Twitter does not want to suspend that account, but Trump will not be allowed to tweet from it.

Donald Trump thought he could use an official government account to attack Twitter, but the platform quickly took down the tweet and made sure that Trump knew that he was no longer welcome there.

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