Trump Called Mike Pence A P*ssy For Not Overturning The Election

According to Sam Nunberg, Trump berated Pence and called him a p*ssy for refusing to violate the Constitution and overturn the election.


Nunberg described a meeting between Trump and Pence before the riot on MSNBC, “hey had a seven-hour meeting. It was supposed to be a lunch. It was a meeting. And he said terrible things to Mike pence and I think even he would regret saying… Along the line, I made you, you would have lost without me. How dare you do this to me? You’re completely misinformed. And he called him an expletive I don’t want to say, but it starts with a P.”

Trump thinks that anyone who won’t break the law for him is a p-word. Trump knew before he spoke at the rally, and threatened Pence, that his vice president both couldn’t and wouldn’t overturn the election. Trump intentionally incited an insurrection on the Capitol by lying to his supporters

Nunberg’s account provides more evidence for why Trump should be at a minimum impeached or more likely criminally charged. Trump knowingly lied to incite an insurrection, and the fact that he is throwing his vice president to the wolves at it all burns down around him.

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