Representative Cori Bush To Introduce Resolution to Expel Colleagues Who Voted to Overturn Election Result

Representative Cori Bush (D-Mo.), will today introduce a resolution calling for the expulsion of Republican colleagues in the House who voted to overturn the results of a free and fair election.

Last night, Bush said the resolution will deign to hold accountable those who “incited a white supremacist coup attempt that has left people dead.”

They have violated the 14th Amendment,” she added. “We can’t have unity without accountability.”

The news comes after Bush published a widely circulated op-ed in The Washington Post in which she said that the attack that was orchestrated against Congress last week at the president’s behest is not at all dissimilar from the disparate treatment and threats Black citizens experience on a daily basis.

There was no way to avoid the comparison or to duck the obvious answer: Would this have happened if the rioters were there to fight for Black lives rather than white supremacy? We’ve been tear-gassed for much less, beaten for much less and shot at for much less. We’ve been assaulted by law enforcement for much less,” she wrote.

“Many have said that what transpired on Wednesday was not America. They are wrong. This is the America that Black people know,” she added. “To declare that this is not America is to deny the reality that Republican members of the U.S. House and Senate incited this coup by treasonously working to overturn the results of the presidential election.”

Bush first mentioned she would introduce a resolution calling for the expulsion of her colleagues the day after the attack.