Trump Goes Ballistic After Ivanka Hints That She May Attend Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Donald Trump reportedly went ballistic after daughter Ivanka Trump said she may attend Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20, the Daily Mail reported on Monday.

According to the report, “Ivanka Trump had plans to attend Joe Biden‘s inauguration on January 20 – much to her father’s chagrin … in order to save her aspiring political career as the White House plunges further into chaos and is being dubbed a ‘circus on steroids.'”

Trump reportedly saw Ivanka’s plans as a betrayal to him and warned her that she would lose “thousands of supporters” if she showed up at Biden’s swearing-in.

But if the latest polling is any indication, it is Donald Trump who is losing support. It turns out the American people aren’t big fans of a sitting president inciting a deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

More from the Daily Mail:

Ivanka was convinced that by attending Biden’s inauguration she would come across as ‘being a good sport and will gain future supporters,’ the source says.

‘She said she has to protect her own political aspirations and isn’t about to muck it all up by attending her dad’s 2024 campaign kick-off which is set for the same day. She’s leaving that for her dad and Don Jr.’

If Ivanka Trump attends the inauguration, it’ll be for all the wrong reasons

The Trump family wouldn’t be missed if they refused to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration next week. Biden himself made that pretty clear last week.

But if the president’s eldest daughter does show up, it’s obvious she’s doing it for the wrong reasons: to protect what’s left of her reputation and to leave the door open for a future in politics (though that seems unlikely).

Ivanka Trump doesn’t care about the health of American democracy or the peaceful transfer of powerful. Like everyone else bearing her last name, she only cares about advancing her own interests.

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