Donny Deutsch on Trump: His Brand Is Destroyed Forever and It’s Going To Be Fun To Watch

For the last four years, Donald Trump has had nearly everything he wanted. The former businessman has immeasurable power. He had immunity from all his looming court cases. And he could play golf whenever he wanted to on the people’s dime.

When he leaves office, though, his outlook won’t be so bright. Trump is facing significant legal jeopardy in the state of New York. He will also return to a business empire that may not be viable anymore. In fact, according to Donny Deutsch, “his brand is destroyed forever.”

The MSNBC contributor made the comments during a Tuesday afternoon appearance on Nicolle Wallace‘s show. The host asked what will become of Trump’s brand following last week’s alteration.

“His brand is destroyed forever,” Deutsch responded. “You cannot do business without amy type of partners, whether it’s TV business and you have platforms, whether it’s real estate business and you loan money, it’s no different than [Osama] bin Laden, you’re not going to do business with bin Laden. When you think about the logo of Trump’s business at this point, it’s those people storming the Capitol. When you think about the spokesperson from that brand, it’s the people in the horns, the people in the painted face and those villainous critters that we saw there. Donald Trump’s business is over.”

The marketing mogul continued, “If you are a Donald Trump hater, it is going to be fun to watch. He has no business future at all. It is over. and that is even before the feds get a hold of him. It is going to be enjoyable to watch this loathsome lizard of a human being go down the drain.”