Jim Jordan Humiliated As Democrats Keep Asking Him To Admit That Biden Won


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) would not flatly admit that Joe Biden won the election without Democrats asking him over and over again.

Video of Jordan finally admitting that Biden won, but saying there are “questions” about the election:


Here is the full exchange:

House Rules Committee Chairman McGovern asked Jordan, “> Isn’t it true Joe Biden won the election, yes or no?

Jordan answered, “Yes, he won. But there are serious things that deserve an investigation, and it’s not just Republicans who think that. Countless number of Democrats think that this thing had problems too. We called for an investigation but you guys didn’t want to do it.”

McGovern responded, “I asked you a yes-or-no question. We’re trying to bring this nation back together. Jim, geez.”

People like Jim Jordan don’t want the nation brought back together. They want to keep the nation torn apart because it is how they amass power within their niche of support. Jordan is one of the House members who helped to incite the insurrection. He is currently begging for Trump not to be impeached. The 2020 election has been the most investigated and litigated in US history. There was no election fraud. There was no mass conspiracy.

Donald Trump lost, but cynical Republicans like Jim Jordan see it as in their own best interests to pretend like the result is up for debate, which is why Jordan and all of the other Trump enablers should be expelled from the House.

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