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QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Greene Says She Will Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Joe Biden

This fall, Republicans elected two QAnon believers to Congress. They have both made absolute spectacles of themselves. Colorado‘s Lauren Boebert revealed the location of Nancy Pelosi during the Capitol insurrection. She also made a scene at a Capitol metal detector last night. But on Wednesday, Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene attempted to top her fellow conspiracy…

Trump discourages Republicans from voting in Georgia runoff

Poll: Majority Support Trump’s Removal from Office Following Capitol Attack

The majority of Americans support removing President Donald Trump from office after he incited an attack against Congress, according to the latest Morning Consult/Politico survey. 53 percent of voters support the House’s impeachment proceedings, which kicked off earlier this morning. Impeachment articles are expected to pass and be sent to the Senate. 54 percent say…


Former DHS Official Warns Political Violence Will Worsen in Wake of Capitol Attack

Former Department of Homeland Security intelligence analyst Daryl Johnson, who in 2009 authored an internal report warning that right-wing extremism was on the rise in the United States, warns that political violence will worsen in the wake of last week’s insurrection against Congress, which took place at President Donald Trump‘s behest. “This Capitol insurrection that…


120 Republican Former Officials Back Trump’s Immediate Removal

120 Republican former officials are backing President Donald Trump‘s immediate removal from office after he incited an insurrection against Congress. The group is comprised of veterans from the Donald Trump, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford administrations. The statement from Defending Democracy Together (DDT) comes ahead of today’s impeachment vote…

Trump has an unhinged meltdown in Texas

Trump’s Dubai Partner Happy to Continue Business Relationship with Trump Despite His Role in Inciting an Attack on Congress

Speaking to Reuters, DAMAC Properties Chairman Hussain Sajwani said he is happy to continue his business relationship with President Donald Trump despite Trump’s role in inciting an attack on the Capitol last week that cost the lives of several insurrectionists and a Capitol Police officer. “Our relationship with the Trump Organisation, and especially with [Trump’s…

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