Republicans in Disarray: Jim Jordan Wants Liz Cheney To Step Down From Leadership but Dan Crenshaw Has Her Back

Early last year, an impeachment vote was held in the House. While the measure passed, no Republicans voted to impeach Donald Trump.

Today was a different story. All Democratic members of Congress voted to impeach Trump and they were joined by 10 GOP lawmakers.

The most interesting name among the Republican Reps was Liz Cheney from Wyoming. Cheney is the number 3 Republican in the House. She announced that she would be voting to impeach Trump on Tuesday night.

The decision drew immediate anger from some House Republicans. Among them was Trump sycophant and regular screaming embarrassment Jim Jordan. The Ohio Congressman told reporters, “We ought to have a second vote (for Conference Chair). The conference ought to vote on that.”

Matt Rosendale (R-MT) also blasted the Wyoming Rep. saying, “When Representative Cheney came out for impeachment today, she failed to consult with the Conference, failed to abide by the spirit of the rules of the Republican Conference, and ignored the preferences of Republican voters. She is weakening our conference at a key moment for personal political gain and is unfit to lead. She must step down as Conference Chair.”

One prominent Republican, however, had Cheney’s back. Despite not voting for impeachment, Crenhsaw tweeted, “Let’s get some truth on the record: Liz Cheney has a hell of a lot more backbone than most, & is a principled leader with a fierce intellect. She will continue to be a much needed leader in the conference, with my full support. We can disagree without tearing each other apart.”