GOP Rep. Peter Meijer Says He Is Buying Body Armor To Protect Himself After Voting To Impeach Trump

Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI) defended his vote to impeach Trump but said that he is buying body armor to protect himself from death threats.


Rep. Meijer said on MSNBC, “When it comes to my family’s safety, that’s something that we have been planning for, preparing for, taking appropriate measures at colleagues now traveling with armed escorts out of the fear of their safety. Many of us are altering our routines, working to get body Armour, which is a reimbursable purchase we can make. It’s sad we have to get to that point. But our expectation is someone may try to kill us.”

When asked if he was buying the body armor, Meijer said, “I am. You know, that’s, you know, we’re obviously trying to keep a very low profile. I actually spent a couple years ago in Afghanistan as a safety adviser to humanitarian aid organizations. So conducting assessments, taking mitigating measures, lowering one’s profile for safety and security purposes. That’s what I’ve done professionally. That’s something we are all working on together.”

As Meijer and his Republican colleagues who voted to impeach Trump is worried that a Trump supporter is going to try to kill them, other House Republicans are so disdainful of the new security features that Speaker Pelosi has announced that she will levy fines against those who don’t comply.
Trump and his followers are a cult of violence, and even Republicans are afraid of what they could do next.

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