Opinion: Inciting An Attack on America Isn’t A Free Speech Issue, It’s Treason

Dirty Don Trump and his seditious co-conspirators are still seething that private enterprise had the audacity to ban the traitors from access to their social media platforms, and it brings up a plethora of issues showing the depth of depravity typical of Trump and his enablers.

After Trump conspired with several malcontent white supremacists and prompted his MAGA supporters to attack America’s seat of government, the social media platform Twitter permanently suspended Trump’s account citing the “risk of further incitement of violence.”

Intelligent human beings were of the mind that Twitter’s permanent suspension was too little too late after 5 years of Trump’s pathological mendacity as well as using the platform to promote his white supremacist base to action.

Conversely, Trump and his acolytes believed that just putting disclaimers on Trump’s filthy lies about his election loss was nothing but censorship that warranted overriding legislation (Section 230) passed over 20 years ago. Section 230 basically grants immunity to social media sites against being sued for its user-generated content – such as Trump’s dirty filthy lies about his election loss.

According to Trump, he should be given free rein to use any social media outlet to spread lies and misinformation, defame his perceived enemies and incite insurrection against the United States with impunity. And, if platforms like Twitter take a stand for the truth, and the safety of legislators and the Vice President of the United States, after Trump incited his seditious followers to attack America’s constitutional government, Trump wants to punish them for violating his free speech.

However, there are limits on free speech according to the U.S. Supreme Court and because there was no legislation forcing Twitter to remove Trump’s mountain of lies, private companies like Twitter and Facebook had to take action. Those sites, and many others, were well aware that Trump’s lies, in great part, emboldened his revolution-minded army to heed his call to muster and attempt to overthrow the United States government and install Trump as fascist dictator-in-chief.

Some Republicans cited German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s remarks that Twitter banning Trump was “problematic” and it is true she made that remark. However, Ms. Merkel also stated that like Germany, America should enact legislation forcing sites like Twitter to remove untoward comments within 24 hours or face an incredibly substantial fine.

What Ms. Merkel found “problematic” was that America had no such legislation to protect the public from a pathological liar using social media to incite insurrection against the United States government.

Trump and his Republican enablers subscribe to the laissez-faire economic system that forbids any form of regulations on transactions between private companies and consumers. What is problematic with Trump’s beef with the likes of Twitter and Facebook is that they can operate without fear of being sued for banning Trump from inciting insurrection against America’s government.

Trump, and to a great extent Republicans in general, spent five long years preparing his assault on America through lies about the nation’s electoral system without intervention from social media platforms. No matter the severity of Trump’s flagrant lies, Twitter allowed him to exercise his notion of free speech with impunity, but the deadly attack on the Capitol on January 6 resulting from 5 years of propaganda was a step too far. It was too little, too late, but it was necessary to preserve the Union from a madman intent on halting the constitutional government he thinks he owns.

Twitter suspending Trump’s account has nothing whatsoever to do with free speech, it is about his seditious conspiracy leading to the treasonous act of “attempting to overthrow the government and attempting to kill heads of state.”

Trump and his co-conspirators using social media to commit seditious conspiracy for the sole purpose of attempting to overthrow the government has nothing to do with free speech. But it has everything to do with treason making dirty Donald Trump and his confederates traitors.