Republicans Now Claim Trump Can’t Denounce Violence Because He’s Banned From Twitter

Former Trump White House and campaign communications official Hogan Gidley claimed that Trump can’t do more to denounce violence because he’s banned from Twitter.


Gidley said on Fox News, “Real Americans experienced problems during the election. President called it out in real-time beforehand, he said we’re going to the capitol and March peacefully. We’re going to make our voices heard. Then the media though are trying to have it both ways, Howie, on one hand, he should be censored by big tech and not be allowed to talk, he shouldn’t say anything and when he doesn’t say anything and can’t say anything because the platforms have removed him they say where’s the president, why aren’t we hearing from him.”

If Trump still had his Twitter account, he would be trying to divide America and stoke more violence, because that is what did with his Twitter account every single day during his presidency. The idea that Trump’s Twitter account has magic powers and is the only way that he can communicate with the American people was always nonsense.

Donald Trump is still the President Of The United States. He has the biggest media platform in the world at his disposal. If he wanted to denounce the violence, he could call a press conference and do so. He would get on every outlet in the nation.

Trump doesn’t want to speak strongly against violence, which is why he has gone mostly silent.