Biden Immediately Crushes Trump’s Last-Ditch Move To Lift COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Donald Trump moved to lift COVID-19 travel restrictions just days before leaving the White House, an action that comes as the United States crosses 400,000 coronavirus deaths.

According to Reuters, “U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday rescinded entry bans imposed because of the coronavirus on most non-U.S. citizens arriving from Brazil and much of Europe effective Jan. 26.”

Almost immediately after the news broke, however, the Biden team announced that they oppose the move and will likely keep those restrictions in place once they take over on Wednesday.

“With the pandemic worsening, and more contagious variants emerging around the world, this is not the time to be lifting restrictions on international travel,” incoming White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday. “On the advice of our medical team, the Administration does not intend to lift these restrictions on 1/26.”

She added, “In fact, we plan to strengthen public health measures around international travel in order to further mitigate the spread of COVID-19.”

The adults – and science – are in charge again

Donald Trump has bungled this pandemic every step of the way for the past year – from curbing the spread of the virus to implementing a national testing strategy to rolling out the vaccine


As a result of his failed leadership, more than 400,000 Americans have died

from COVID-19 – far more deaths than any country on the face of the planet.

His eleventh hour push to lift COVID restrictions shows that he still isn’t taking this virus seriously, even as thousands of Americans continue to die each day.

Donald Trump is bungling this health crisis to the very end, but the adults – and science – are about to be in charge again.

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