Trump Humiliates Himself By Desperately Trying To Boost The Crowd Size For His Farewell Ceremony


Donald Trump’s staff is sending out mass emails to and allowing people to bring up to five guests as they are trying to boost attendance at his farewell ceremony.

It is a mad scramble to boost attendance:

Trump is offering to allow people to bring up to five guests:


Trump is trying to outshine Joe Biden‘s inauguration.

Donald Trump thinks that he can hold his own big event than brag later about how bigger his crowd was Joe Biden’s inaugural. Trump is desperate and he can’t give up the attention and the spotlight of the presidency. He has demanded to his staff that his departure draws a big crowd to Andrews Air Force Base.

The soon to be former president is hoping that all of the television networks go with wall to wall coverage of his farewell. The reality is that outside of Fox, it is difficult to see any of the channels giving Trump the attention that he craves.

Donald Trump is desperately trying to pump up his crowd size with one last super spreader event to say goodbye to the presidency.

Trump is being booted off the stage, and hopefully, the television networks will mostly ignore his departure.

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