With Less Than 48 Hours Left In His Presidency, Trump Is Having A Total White House Meltdown

Trump is yelling at everyone in the White House that he really won the election and is vowing revenge against Republicans who voted to impeach him.

Maggie Haberman tweeted:

Without his Twitter account, Trump can’t scream at the entire country, so he has been reduced to spouting his nonsense at anyone and everyone in the White House. The day that Trump lost his Twitter account, it was as if a dark cloud had been lifted, as the biggest political polluter in the land was finally shut down, and the air of national discourse was a little safer to breathe.

Trump is everything that he has always feared. He is a loser, whose brand is destroyed, with a likely criminal prosecution awaiting his departure from office.

Donald Trump will continue to rant his baseless conspiracies until the day he dies, but the good news is that without the presidential platform, we no longer have to listen.

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