Trump’s Approval Rating Tanks To New Low As His Failed Presidency Crawls To The Finish Line

Donald Trump is limping toward the end of his failed presidency as Gallup’s final poll shows his approval rating at a dismal 34 percent – the worst rating that Trump has ever received in the survey.

According to the polling firm, not only is Trump’s 34 percent approval rating his worst of the past four years, but his average approval rating throughout his term is lower than any of his predecessors in Gallup’s polling era.

“His 41% average approval rating throughout his presidency is four points lower than for any of his predecessors in Gallup’s polling era,” Gallup reported. “Trump’s ratings showed a record 81-percentage-point average gap between Republicans and Democrats — 11 points wider than the prior record.”

Even worse for Trump is the fact that most presidents enjoy a seven-point bump on average in their approval rating before leaving office. Trump, on the other hand, has seen his approval rating drop 12 points since he lost the election.

More via Gallup:

The 34% job approval rating for Trump in Gallup’s Jan. 4-15 poll is one point lower than his prior lowest single rating, registered on several occasions in late 2017. The first of these came in August 2017, as Trump was facing intense criticism over his unvarnished threats against North Korean aggression and his response to deadly violence by a white nationalist at a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Trump is the only president not to register a 50% job approval rating at any point in his presidency since Gallup began measuring presidential job approval in 1938. Likewise, he is the only president who did not have a honeymoon period of above-average ratings upon taking office. His initial 45% job approval rating proved to be his high point for his first year as president.

Trump – a president that America never wanted

It’s almost impossible to argue that this presidency was anything other than a fluke, a Donald Trump reality TV stunt that went horribly wrong both for the country and for Trump himself.

The good news for the country is that Joe Biden will be taking over in less than two days and immediately begin to reverse the damage of the past four years. For Trump, his life is likely on the verge of becoming a complete nightmare as a freight train of legal trouble is headed his way.

Donald Trump is ending his failed presidency the same way he started it: as a deeply disliked man that a majority of the country never wanted in the White House in the first place.

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