Mitch McConnell Wants A Senate Power Sharing Arrangement To Protect The Filibuster

Mitch McConnell is floating a power-sharing arrangement that would keep the Senate filibuster and hobble the Biden agenda.

McConnell wrote in an email:

Mitch McConnell knows that he is one vote away from having no power in the Senate and being reduced to spectator status as Democrats power through Joe Biden‘s agenda. Democrats could with a single vote change the Senate rules to gut or limit the filibuster. If all of the Senate Democrats supported it, Kamala Harris could cast the tie-breaking vote, and Democrats would have nothing standing in their way from passing Joe Biden’s agenda.

Senate Democrats could also pass the sweeping For The People Act that would expand voting rights and get rid of dark money in federal elections.

Democrats would have to be fools to agree to any sort of power-sharing arrangement with Mitch McConnell. Republicans lost. McConnell doesn’t get to keep power. Democrats should take a page from McConnell’s book and ruthlessly maximize their power to pass the agenda that most Americans have spent years, and in some cases, decades waiting for.

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